Good News on the Job Front

The harrowing hurricane season is having a healthy impact on the job market. Boosted by cleanup and reconstruction efforts in storm affected areas, employment in construction is up.

Emmett Reed of the Florida Homebuilders Association says, “A lot on buildings plates and subcontractors. Tending to new home building going on, putting in a lot of hours.”

The Labor Department says employment in construction increased by 71 in October. Most of the employment gain occurred among specialty trade contractors and construction of new buildings, which has many looking to call the Sunshine State home, sweet home.

Emmett Reed says, "Guy calls, says he has 10 laborers willing to move to Florida. Where should we move? I say pick a place. Entire state affected. You'll be covered with work."

Florida was already busy building new homes at a record setting pace.

Jackie Wilson, CEO of Tallahassee Builders Association, says, "Basically, construction was already up. More than they could use."

The Florida Homebuilders Association says there could be a slight slowdown in new home building, while the repair and reconstruction efforts continue.