The Reason for the Season

Christmas has come to a close, but before the clock strikes midnight here's the reason for the season from a Christian's point of view.

It's a familiar tune for many Americans, but its lyrics carry a deeper message among Christians. From Silent Night to Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, these Christmas carols are much more than festive jingles.

"It's about hope," said one local resident.

It’s about the hope and faith that Jesus Christ lived and died for all mankind.

"It's nice to take a day, celebrate his giving up his divine nature and becoming a human being," said Jean Blodgett, a Tallahassee resident.

But some feel the nativity of Christ has been overshadowed by gift giving through the years.

"The gift giving is a wonderful thing, but I think the world would be better if people understood the reason of what it's all about," said missionary Derrick Woods.

Still there are those who believe the true reason for the season abounds on Christmas Eve when almost everyone takes a rest from their daily grind, whether it's to worship or to relax with family.

"All businesses shut down, traffic is off the streets, people stop what they're doing for the birth of Christ," shared Joanne Bowden.

So if you think Santa is taking all the glory on Christmas day, think again. The baby in the manger is alive and well in the capital city.

Statistics show approximately 85 percent of the religious population in America is Christian, and Christmas has been a national holiday for nearly 135 years.