Lifting Spirits

It can be rather disappointing for kids to be sick and in the hospital, much less on Christmas morning, so a local department store decided to send in some holiday cheer and good will.

Kenneth Frame isn't a professional singer or a social worker and he doesn't work for Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. He's the loss prevention manager for Parisian's department store.

But on this Christmas morning, he's the store's good will ambassador, handing out gifts and singing to the staff and young patients at the hospital.

"It's terrible for the families to have to spend the holidays in the hospital, but some of us have to give time to come out and just show them that we appreciate you and love you, and we're praying for you," shared Frame.

With each new person Frame encounters at the hospital, he shares a gift from Parisian’s and a gift of song, while winning fans along the way.

"Cause that's a little extra special thing that he does that makes us feel good. He even makes little songs out of our names and we all get involved and it's a lot of fun," shared Tallahassee Memorial nurse, Vivian Greaux.

"When someone came in and said merry Christmas and brought her a gift, that lifted her spirits and it lifted mine too," said Joanna Green, the mother of a sick child.

It’s lifting spirits and sharing the Christmas spirit. Frame says it's his Christmas present to himself. Parisian stores in Florida, Georgia and Alabama donated gifts for this Christmas program.