Working on Christmas

While most of you are sitting home snug in your caps full of Christmas turkey, others are out hard at work making sure your holiday is a happy one.

There's no rest for the weary at our local hotels. We found one guy working a 16-hour shift Christmas Eve, and he's here again Christmas day.

"Yeah, I get a special rate for doing it. I guess that kind of helps a little bit, but in a way you'd like to be with your family and I'm going to ‘cause we are going to have Christmas tomorrow," said Hampton Inn employee, Glen Boyington.

He's not the only one. From preparing the daily meals to making sure guests have fresh sheets, these workers took their holiday to help others.

It's the same at the Albertson's grocery store just down the road. Cashiers found that Christmas day can be just as busy as any other day, and dispatchers never get to close the office.

"While you don 't want to work on Christmas, people still need the police and the ambulance so somebody has to work and we're always glad to step in," said dispatch communications supervisor, Jill Allison.

For some busy bees, working on Christmas day is a long standing family tradition.

"Yeah, my father's law enforcement, brother's law enforcement, my grandfather was law enforcement, so yeah, it's pretty commonplace," said Will Blanton, public safety communications operator.

Hospital and ambulance services are working as well. Police say despite a few accidents , so far it's been a quiet Christmas.