Homeless for the Holidays

Nearly 200 homeless people in Leon County spent Christmas night in a shelter. Freezing cold temperatures along with a mix of rain forced more people than usual into the housing area.

"Yeah, I stayed there last week, every night," said Jimmy Floyd.

Floyd says he's been homeless longer than he can remember, and he says this year Christmas was a little tougher than usual.

"It’s been wet and cold you know and so this last weekend was miserable, but it was that rain," added Floyd.

He's not the only one. Because of the cold temperatures the shelters have been filled to capacity.

"We had a total of 117 people for last night and out of that 43 of those were women," shared Michael Crockett, daytime supervisor of The Shelter. "Because of extreme cold and then the added rain on top of that, it made a need for a lot of the people that normally stay in the woods or in other areas, they wanted to come and get out of the cold."

This past year, a homeless woman was found dead in the area. As a result, Shelter officials have opened a day center for homeless people to get out of the cold. Still, with more cold nights on the way, some of these people say they're worried The Shelter is filling up and running out of room.

Michael Crockett says The Shelter will never close its doors to anyone who needs a warm place to stay. Shelter officials say last week around 200 people sought shelter each night because temperatures had dipped into the 20s.