Christmas Returns

If you didn't like what Santa brought you this Christmas, exchange, exchange, exchange! That's what hundreds of people in the capital city are doing.

Oh come all ye shoppers, it's time to take back those gifts which didn't fit and cash in on something that's perfect for you.

"I got this sweater, need to exchange it and I'm trying to beat the crowds," said Dotty Adams, an early bird shopper.

But even as the doors opened at the Tallahassee Mall Sunday, droves of cars were already in place. Some are searching for bargains, others are needing to exchange, which begs the question, in this day in age of gift cards and gift certificates, is it still socially acceptable to make a return?

"It's tough. Usually have to do it behind people's backs or try and keep the stuff so I don't have to embarrass my family," said shopper Greg Penny.

If you are going to exchange a gift make sure you call in advance. Experts say some stores have a small time frame for exchanges and returns.