The North Florida Fair Begins This Week

In local news, tens of thousands are expected at the North Florida Fair this week. For 63 years the down-home attraction has lured folks to Leon County.

The sights and sounds of the fair is a familiar setting for most Americans, and it seems each year the main attractions grow bigger and flashier, but here in north Florida the hair raising rides aren't the main attraction.

Jenni Jenkins, an animal lover, said, "Who would get excited over a chicken? But these things are amazing, all different kinds I never knew."

From the gobbling turkey to the Billy Goat Gruff, it's the attractive animals which steel the show, especially when they do things out of the ordinary.

In its 63 years, the North Florida Fair has never lost its animal flare, which keeps young kids like Sarah Luther returning year after year.

Sarah Luther said, "I've been doing it since I could."

Joanne Luther, the mother of Sarah, said, “They get ribbons and there is a grand trophy they would love to win."

But winning takes work.

Sarah Luther said, "We're cleaning her up, they judge you on how you clip the cow."

It's a tough task keeping Abby the diary cow in tip top shape, but it's well worth it. With scholarship money awarded through the years, Abby may soon help Sarah earn that college degree.