Food for Fines in Thomas County

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The Thomas County Library has a unique way for people to pay off their overdue book fines, with cans.

When you return your overdue books and pay the fine, you can leave your wallet at home. All you need is goods, canned goods for the Food for Fines donation. Each can will take off $1 from your overdue book balance.

Nancy Tillinghast, TCPLS director, says, "We are used very well by the community and this is just one way that we can help. This year we've given over 1,000 cans of food, so we're really excited."

Organizations receiving the goods were equally excited to fill up their shelves.

Maryline Smith of the Thomas County Food Bank says, "That was really a blessing because I've come down this afternoon to open and we'll use those things to help restock our shelves from last week, so it's so good that people and organizations like the library do collect canned goods for us during this time of year, and all the year really."

The library's canned donations were also given to Safe Haven and Halcyon House. To encourage reading, boxes of books were also given with the food. The last day to donate food for your fines is December 31.

The Thomas County Library system is the number one library system in the state of Georgia.