The Search Continues

The search continues for a missing Tallahassee boater. After one week since his disappearance and freezing temperatures, officers say the outlook is grim.

All is quiet along Carrabelle Beach. The sun has finally shown its face following a cloudy Christmas holiday, but the feelings among villagers are still damp and dreary.

Heather Mulkey, a Carrabelle resident, says, “It's really sad. All of us get together when someone’s lost like that.”

That someone is 28-year-old Bryan Brown. He's been missing over a week and is thought to be in the frigid waters. Officials say the chances of survival in 57-degree water is slim to none, top that off with the fact his boat was recovered and the wood Brown was clinging to for dear life.

Now, the search and rescue effort has been scaled back to a recovery mission. With Fish and Wildlife planes flying above, officers hope to spot him down below.

CPT Eric Johnston says, “It's extremely low tide. We felt like with the shallow water maybe he can see something from the air that we can send a boat to.”

Meanwhile, Brown's brother, who was also on board during the accident, is back at work trying to make it through the holidays that haven't been so jolly in this fishing village, but hope prevails, and officers say they won't give up anytime soon.

Brown was a Tallahassee resident. His brother resides in Carrabelle. Brown was not wearing a life jacket during the time of the accident.