The Highs and Lows of a Tallahassee Temperature Study

Many local residents have known for years now that low temperatures in the wintertime can differ drastically across Leon County. The results are in from a National Weather Service study, and they reveal a few surprises.

Ron Block, a NWS meteorologist, says, "Generally, the northern part of the town is a little cooler because they're on the windward side where they get the effects of the winds. Two or three days after when the winds settle and the skies are clear you have a much more even distribution of cold sites. A lot more southern parts of the county are colder."

Many people have come to believe that Tallahassee Regional Airport is the coldest spot in Leon County, but this minimum temperature study indicates that it is simply not the case.

Ron adds, "We found that, in fact, on coldest days it is generally one of the warmer temperatures around."

A big cause of the temperature differences is the soil. The sandier soil in the southern part of the county is partly responsible for the colder temperatures there when the wind is calm.

This study's findings will enable the development of better computer models to more accurately predict our temperatures.

On clear, calm nights, temperature differences of up to 20 degrees can occur across Leon County.