A New Home for an Elderly Quincy Man

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A Quincy man is living the American dream. He's just received the keys to a brand new home. The World War II veteran had been fighting to find someone in the city of Quincy to repair his dilapidated home using grant money, but county officials made it happen.

Ira Diggs is getting the keys to his dream home. Diggs had been living in a dilapidated house for years and was waiting for Quincy city officials to help him refurbish it using grant dollars, but when city officials weren't able to help, county officials stepped up to the plate and used federal funds to make his dream a reality.

Ira says, "I love it, a beautiful place. It's a present that somebody gives you. I don't know what to say about it. It's a beautiful place."

That’s a far cry from the home this WWII veteran was living in. In fact, Diggs made due with a torn roof by using pillows to shield him from inclement weather.

Ed Dixon, Gadsden County Commissioner, adds, "We've got a veteran who gave his all for this country and who found himself in a difficult time and it just seems like the right thing to do to make sure that this happens as soon as possible for Mr. Diggs. He got to experience some of what he's given to America.”

But the county has given him his the ultimate present, a brand new, three bed, two bath home fully equipped with new appliances and air conditioning.

Howard McKinnon, Gadsden County Manager, says, “It's been a joy to see how proud he is of them. I think he's dreamed of this his whole life. It's just rewarding that the county in a small way can add the quality of life for Mr. Diggs.”

Diggs adds, “They help me out they gave me a nice play to stay if they didn't I don't know what would happen.”

County Commissioner Ed Dixon was also able to get brand new furniture for Mr. Diggs.