Some students at Lowndes High have seen the effects of a taser firsthand. Even though the stun gun has only been used twice at Lowndes, students say its effects sent a clear message to many problem kids.

Derrik McLeod, a Lowndes High School student, says, "They see how it is. Some of them have seen it on others and they realize it. I've seen a lot less fights since they have started using them."

The taser weapon is growing popular with school resource officers nationwide. They say the taser is actually one of the most non-violent ways to end a violent situation.

Michael Adams, Lowndes High School Resource Officer, says, "There's no after effects. No broken bones, no blood, no busted lips, no hurt ankles or wrists from handcuffs or anything."

Since the use of tasers at Lowndes High School, SROs say violence on school grounds has declined significantly, but is it too much to use these tasers in schools?

Wes Taylor, Lowndes High Principal and parent, says, "As a school we are only a microcosm of society and unfortunately society has got to that point."

Many students agree.

McLeod says, "Yes, I think they are necessary with the way students are today. There's some crazy ones out there."

School resource officers say they only use the taser on students as an absolute last resort.