Multiple Bodies Found in Moultrie Home

It's a massacre that has frightened a community and has police searching for the killer, and an explanation.

Early Monday afternoon children returning home from school found four bodies, all adults, shot to death on the living room floor. Later, authorities found the body of the child in a bedroom.

Around 3 p.m. 911 got a call about the horrific discovery at a home on Highway 37. Dispatch stayed on the line with one of the children until helped arrived. When authorities got there the four people, three females and one male were all dead of gunshot wounds.

"At this time, no particulars on this right now. They're working the crime scene as we speak. Agents are out doing interviews right now,” comments Ronnie Thompson of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Authorities were just taking the bodies out of the home Monday night, and upon autopsy will know more about the murders.

Investigators are not releasing any names or the relationship of the victims, but two of them are believed to be the parents of the children. The children are now in custody of the Department of Children and Families.

Authorities are just beginning their investigation, they don't know who do did this and why. There are no real leads right now.