Florida Students Weigh In

The state is stepping up in the fight against obesity with a screening requirement to show parents how their children are measuring up.

Most adults remember the days of vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings at school. In Florida, there is another screening kids are taking part in, BMI, or Body Mass Index screenings.

Roger Pinholster, Principal of Fairview Middle School, says, "Not everybody is willing to admit that their child is overweight and that index will show where they are in relation to where they're supposed to be."

Pinholster says weight is a sensitive issue for many parents. However, one they need to take seriously.

This is the first time the school performed BMI screenings.

Tallahassee parents will soon receive a report on how their child compares.

Students in kindergarten, first, third, sixth and seventh-grade will receive a Body Mass Index screening.