"Hire a Vet" Job Fair

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Thousand of men and women are risking their lives fighting terror overseas, and when many of troops come home they are in need of a job.

Florida is home to the fastest growing veteran population in the nation, but 35 percent of those men and women have reported themselves unemployed, and that's a number Workforce Plus is trying to bring down.

Bob Bodine, chief executive officer of Workforce Plus, says, "When they come back they don't have a job, they need something and I think it's very, very important for us to help those people who've helped us."

Their plan is a "Hire a Vet" job fair. It's a chance for area veterans to meet face to face with local companies looking for a few good employees.

Rob Cowan of General Dynamics Land Systems says, "It's a good match, these folks have the training and the background and skills sometimes we're looking for in certain areas, and it's a good fit."

It’s good for companies and good for the veterans looking to get back into civilian life.

Clarice Williams, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, says, "As a veteran it makes me feel really good to know that I've served my country and that different businesses appreciate that and to come together as a job workforce for us."

One of the big reasons businesses are willing to put an event like this together is because of the unique skills a veteran brings to the table.

Bodine adds, "A veteran obviously has discipline, they know what work means, they frequently value the job, they value the things that go with the job and what things they can do to help an employer.”

The job fair is one of the best opportunities for veterans to make business contacts, but most importantly it's just another way to say thank you to the those who served our country.

Workforce Plus reports that more than 75,000 veterans live in the Leon, Gadsden and Wakulla areas.