Shock Over Quintuple Murder

It seemed like a normal afternoon for Betty Gaines.

Betty says, "I went to town early yesterday morning, didn't notice anything different. After that we were here all day."

Gaines isn't the only neighbor who didn't hear or see anything different.

Pam Brooks says, "I come home and I had my living room windows raised and dining room windows raised. With five people being shot you'd hear something. I didn't hear anything."

But one neighbor says despite the beautiful weather, he had a strange feeling.

Bobby Anglin says, "Just a feeling, just didn't feel right."

Anglin later learned his feeling was indeed a tragedy.

"It's scary just living out here across the road from it, being five people murdered, made everybody uneased."

"We don't know who did it or where they are or what they might do next. You bet we locked our doors. It's terrible."