Flu Shot Availability in Florida

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There's good news for those folks in Florida who are fearful of the flu this year. More vaccines are coming to a county health department near you, but it's just enough to scrape the surface.

With the announcement of another batch of flu vaccines headed to Florida, local health departments are gearing up. Those at high risk of catching the flu are flooding clinics hoping to get their dose before winter hits.

Tomekia Tillmon, a high risk patient, says, “I'm at high risk because I have lupus. When I get sick I'm in bed for weeks.”

Other high risk patients such as seniors, pregnant women and children are first in line for the new supply of vaccine, but they may be forced to wait a while.

Others aren't so lucky.

Marjorie Kirsch, the medical director at LCHD, says, “We had 2,500 appointments that went rapidly, there was frustration getting the busy signal.”

And those clogged phone lines may get worse as the State Health Department announces another 140,000 doses being distributed to Florida's county departments. That's why they're asking those in good health to steer clear. Instead, use plenty of hot water and suds to keep away the flu bug.

The health secretary says another way to find relief this flu season is by taking anti-viral medications.