Georgia's Post 9-11 First Response Plans

Emergency Management officials say south Georgia is better prepared to handle any type of disaster.

Since 9/11, many states have initiated terrorism response plans to prevent further attacks on our nation.

Georgia was no exception.

Since then, recent updates to the state's strategic plan for terrorism has trickled down to local agencies and is ensuring top notch security and protection.

"We share information and we share equipment and so forth and that way we make sure terrorism is abated,” explains Anti-Terrorism Task Force member Eugene Bell.

Local emergency responders tell WCTV that while it’s important to have a plan that's up to date and current, training also plays a very key role in making sure south Georgia and the Peach State as a whole stays safe.

Oddly enough, what you might not realize is that a recent flu shot clinic played an important role in some of that training.

"We had a hand in planning that because we were looking at how we could mass vaccinate people in case of a bioterrorism event, so that was good practice for us,” says south Georgia Emergency Preparedness Director Mike Terwilliger.

Emergency responders say improved communication, enhanced training and expanded public awareness are top priorities in their fight against terrorism.

Georgia's anti-terrorism planning dates back to the early 90s when it was announced that the 96 Olympics would be held in Atlanta.