Women Making Magic in the Community

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There was a special event Wednesday afternoon for some very special women. Women Making Magic honored 72 women who have made a significant impact in the community.

One woman is just carrying on the family tradition. Dr. Celeste Hart has been practicing medicine for 15 years in Tallahassee and her hard work grabbed the attention of Florida Parker.

Florida Parker says, "She's done a number of things in the community trying to make people aware of diseases that really have an impact on people and gone out and done something about it."

And apparently Parker nominated a winner.

Dr. Celeste B. Hart says, "I'm a native Tallahassean. My family's been here for three generations and in medicine for three generations. It's such an honor and privilege to serve the community. I feel special to be recognized for doing what I enjoy doing."

Not only does she handle a medical practice and teach community seminars about lifestyle changes, but she also tutors youth in math.

When asked how long she'd continue practicing medicine, she says, "My dad is 75 and he's still working, so I have big footprints to fill."

In the meantime, the local winner will be nominated for the National Spirit of Women Award. Dr. Celeste Hart was one of six women to receive awards at the Women Making Magic banquet.