Early Bird Getting to Sleep In

A record number of Georgia voters cast their ballots early for the recent General Election. In Lowndes County alone, more than 8,000 folks took advantage of the early voting period.

Early voters say they like the idea of extending the early voting period.

Louise Cook, an early voter, says, "I like it very much, and the people I’ve spoken with since the election, everyone has been complementary about the early voting process and would like to see the time expanded."

Georgia’s secretary of state says she would like to extend the advanced voting to be at least two or three weeks long.

Deb Cox, Lowndes Supervisor of Elections, says, "I think it's a wonderful idea. Voters turned out in droves to take advantage of it here in Lowndes County. It went fairly quickly. I think extending the time would be an excellent idea both for voter and for our office."

There's even talk of expanding Georgia's early voting to Saturdays, a practice which is already done in Florida.

"We were actually in here working the Saturday before the election and we had numerous people come to the door wanting to vote. They had heard the broadcast from Florida and they wanted to vote here as well. I think Saturday voting would be a wonderful idea."