Buying Kids’ Shoes

It has to be tiring to buy shoes for your kids every three months or so, but believe it or not, that is the average. Every 90 days many children grow into another size, so here are some helpful tips on how to stay a step ahead and save some money.

Sidney, like most children, has wide feet, making it important to buy shoes that offer different widths. Local shoe store manager Bill Day says your child wearing shoes that don't fit can walk them straight to long-term pain.

In fact, the biggest problems is parents waiting too long, letting their children run around in shoes they've outgrown, but not Sydney's mom.

When you're at the store, here are some tips: make sure the shoes are snug in the heel, give a little in the width and are made of a breathable material such as leather, and don't forget this rule of thumb: nail.

“The toe length should be three eights of an inch from the longest toe to the end of the shoe, roughly a thumbnail.”

And to save money, check your child's shoes for sand and dirt lodged in the toe.

“They can pull the inner sole out of the shoe, shake the sand out and check it again, and you may have another month of growing room.”

There are a lot of cute, trendy shoes out there for kids like the ones with the little heels and all, but shoe experts say they should only be used for short days like a quick trip to the mall or to grandma's house, etc.