Teen Report: Getting Fit for the Spring

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Some teens are already gearing up for spring break by burning fat and dropping pounds at the gym. They're breaking a sweat safely and relieving stress at the same time.

Jessica Saint is a high school student looking for that perfect body for spring break.

Jessica says, "Well, spring break is coming up and I wanted to look good in my swimsuit, so I decided getting a gym membership would be a good step to start getting a better body."

Spring break isn't their only motivation. Some teens say there's a great deal of pressure from the media on how to look.

Trainers like Angelo Butchikas feel the media's pressure pushes teens to a breaking point that could be dangerous.

Angelo says, "It's very important that teens follow a safe exercise routine. First of all, they are so young, they have so much of their life ahead of them, they don't want to injure themselves because it very seldom isn't the case that an injury doesn't affect you for the rest of your life."

Besides a better body, there are other benefits to working out safely.

Mark Nash, A member at Premier Fitness, says, "It relieves stress and just makes you feel tired."

Ross Mitchell adds, "It's just really stress relief and it really helps for [you] just to get in shape and feel better about yourself."

It’s stress relief that can help any teen looking for the ideal spring break shape. Spring break in Leon County starts March 21 and runs through the 25th.