Widened Wage$

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Jennifer Graybeal loves teaching and says she does it because of the kids and not her paycheck.

Jennifer Graybeal says, "We know we can never come into this profession expecting that we're going to have money because it's a social service that we're doing."

But news of Gov. Purdue's plan to give teachers and state employees a two percent pay increase is a welcomed incentive. State health officials say the additional pay will help attract folks to the public health profession.

Jennifer Steedley, a state public health employee, says, "It's very difficult for us to stay in the race as far as getting employees and getting health employees to come and want to work for public health because we don't offer the same salaries that private sectors can offer."

And they're not the only ones; school officials hope it will turn out more teachers.

While a two percent pay increase may not seem like much money, teachers say it isn't about the money, it's about improving teacher morale and attitude.

Graybeal says, "It's hard to continue to come in with a positive attitude knowing that you're working hard to make a difference, and by not receiving a pay raise, you're not getting that support or appreciation showed to you."