Union Members Vote on New Contract at Disney World

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Walt Disney World is waiting to see how Thursday’s strike vote goes among thousands of unionized workers.

The contract proposal covers 40 percent of Disney World's 52,000-person work force, including laundry workers, costumed characters, bus drivers, hotel workers and concessions salespeople.

The contract proposal has divided the six unions gathered under an umbrella of unionized workers. Four of the unions recommended approval of the proposed contract. Two, with about 6,000 workers, did not.

Non-tipped workers who currently earn $11.12 an hour at the top scale of the wage system would get a 20-cents-an-hour increase and a lump sum bonus of between $1,500 and $1,700 during the contract's first year

In the second year, they would get another lump sum, and in the third year a 25-cents-an-hour wage increase.

The starting minimum wage currently is $6.70. It would go up 10 cents an hour for each year of the contract.

Others workers in between the minimum and top scale wages would get a four percent annual increase.