Recreational Facility Proposed for Perry

A nine-year-old proposed plan for a brand new sports complex in Taylor County may finally come to life.

Floritha Buggs, a Taylor County resident, says, "We don't have that many. We have a few but it's not that many. I have two kids coming up that I know are going to utilize them. There's a lot of kids that need them. We have so many in different areas of the city, and I think it's a good idea."

There's one problem: money. It will cost approximately $3 million to transform a 78-acre site into a state-of-the-art recreation facility. The new complex would have six soccer fields, two tennis courts, two basketball courts, several playgrounds, concession stands, maintenance facilities and parking.

County officials have only come up with about $1.3 million.

Kenneth Dudley, engineer for the plan, says, "If we're unable to find the funding, we're ready to propose options where we can improve the existing facilities as well as add to those facilities with the funding we have currently available."

Though officials and residents say existing parks and fields are not inadequate, they do hope funding will be found for the new sports complex.

The Taylor County Commission will hold a joint meeting with the City Council and the School Board this Saturday to discuss funding for the new complex.