Georgia Universities Excited About 2005

There may be more support from state funding. Leaders and students at Valdosta State University are optimistic about what's ahead.

After several consecutive years of state budget cuts, Valdosta State University officials say the next budget may be a little friendlier to colleges and universities around the Peach State.

Ron Zaccari, President of Valdosta State University, says, "No budget cuts. Well, there's also no restoration of the former budget cuts, so there is good news and bad news. The good news is we don't expect any more budget cuts, the bad news is we're not going to have the $8 to $9 million they took from VSU restored, but we're ready to move on."

And move on they have, with VSU opening a brand new dorm, all financed with bonds, which will be paid off by the rent of current residents, and students here at Valdosta State University say they're as excited as President Zaccari about the future and direction of this university.

Tarla Rochelle, a VSU senior, says, "I think we're definitely a competitor now. There are other schools who don't have much to offer; we have new housing now, we have student organizations, strong student organizations on campus that people can really get involved in, get a lot of opportunities."

2005 is a year of opportunities which have excited everyone on the VSU campus.

Zaccari adds, "I'm enthusiastic about the future of this academy."

VSU leaders say the university is really ready for a strong year, especially if the state does not call for any budget cuts in the next few months.