Veterans Day Parade in Tallahassee

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In Tallahassee, hundreds took to the streets for the annual Veterans Day Parade, a chance to say thank you for the selfless service.

It's been 60 years since Tom Johnson stormed the beaches at Normandy. Even today, the young soldier inside the man mourns the loss of life and rejoices in freedom won.

Tom Johnson says, "It's almost difficult for me to say because it means so much. It means a great deal to vets in combat."

Hundreds of stories just like Tom's can be found in the faces of the men and women walking in Leon County's annual Veterans Day Parade, stories of selfless service and sacrifice.

Jack Rosenau, a WWII vet, says, "Sacrifices, I had seven youngsters and thank God [my] wife is good because she took care of them while I was away on tour of duty."

A kaleidoscope of color lined the heart of Tallahassee as people came out decked in red, white and blue to salute the veterans.

David Ingrim, a Vietnam vet, says "When I came home we weren't too cool, that's another reason I'm committed."

Kevin Pierce of the Florida National Guard, Alpha Company, says, "[It] means a lot because [I’m] shaky about how many people supported us, but to come out here it makes us proud."

It’s a feeling shared across the generations.

For the first time in years the parade wound down Adams Street instead of Monroe. It almost didn't happen at all due to skyrocketing insurance costs, but Leon County stepped in to help.