Local Twins Turn 103 Years Old

Isn't this interesting? When we're little we can't wait to tell people how old we are. Then, later it's a big, awful secret, and then even later it again becomes something many people are proud of.

Meet a couple of local ladies who have 103 reasons to tell the world how old they are!

If you put the true amount of candles on their birthday cake, it would blow you away. That's because twins Louise Dilworth and Lucy Turner turned 103 years old Thursday.

Louise says, “It's just wonderful, I can go anywhere I want to go, stay anywhere I want to stay and do anything anyone else can do.”

Family members say they learn a lot from these lovely ladies who were born in 1901.

Vivian Williams, daughter and niece, says, “It feels good to have them here and not have them go to a home.”

With the help of Elder Care Services, they are able to stay out of a nursing facility. Staff say they're two of a kind.

Margaret Worrell of Elder Care Services says, “This is very unique, I don't think it will ever happen again in our lifetime.”

To add to the special occasion is a congratulations letter from Florida's governor.

Della Kell, a Meals on Wheels worker, says, “It's just wonderful, I don't think I'll live to be 103, but if I do I hope I'm as healthy as they are.”

A website for twins says Louise and Lucy may be the second oldest living set of twins in the United States and possibly the third oldest in the world.