Robbery in Valdosta

The problem started at the Speedee Cash Title Pawn in Valdosta just after noon on Thursday. Police say the suspect, 23-year-old Jason Lenon of Gainesville, Florida, walked in and made small talk with people inside.

CAPT Brian Childress, Valdosta police spokesman, says, "Then he pulled out a weapon, demanded money at which time management inside the store complied. I can tell you as soon as management turned over the money they were ordered to go to the back of the business."

Investigators say that's when Lenon fled in a Geo Prism. Within minutes, police found a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's getaway car.

Officers signaled for the driver to pull over, but he panicked and a chase ensued until it finally came to an end on Troup Street when the suspect slammed into a telephone pole, but the suspect then tried to run away.

Cynthia Allen, an eyewitness, says, "I was sitting on the porch and the dude ran up and said ‘please let me in your house’ and I said ‘no!’ The police then ran up with their gun drawn and I went to screaming and hollering."

Childress adds, "I'm happy to say no one in the business was hurt. We have recovered the money and we have made a positive ID of the suspect."