South Georgia Honors Veterans

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"We owe our veterans a debt of gratitude that will never be fully repaid. This day is set aside in their honor to pay tribute to our military veterans."

Thomas County's Veterans Day proclamation speaks of a very special group of people our entire nation honors every November 11, the more than 25 million veterans who selflessly risk their lives for our country.

War vets say memories on the battlefield will never be forgotten.

Herbert Blow, who served in WWII, says, "It's just terrible to see those boys come back dragging a leg or an arm. I'll lay in a ditch with bullets flying across."

Jack Morse, who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, adds, "I appreciate very much what our military has done in the founding of our country and defense of our country."

Children of Brookwood School showed their true colors for war vets reciting a skit about why we salute them.

Sarah Chason, a student, says, "I think it's just so special. It's fun to learn about how they helped our country."

Jack Morse adds, "I think we can lose sight of the sacrifices we made. We talk about death and destruction, that is a part of it, but you hear so much about it that it really loses meaning."

It’s a meaning that Americans are reminded of on this day as we reflect on what veterans have done to defend our country and commend them for their courage.