Sheriffs' Salary Increases in the Works?

Six months ago the starting pay for a deputy sheriff was $9.30 an hour. They didn't think it was enough, so the county did a survey that revealed they were underpaid compared to deputies in other southwest Georgia counties.

Now starting pay is $11.50 an hour, but Sheriff Carlton Powell wants to know what the county will do with veteran deputy salaries.

"We just want them to step forward and do what's right. That's all we've always asked for. We haven't asked them for anything exceptional. We ask them to do what's right and just," he says.

Commissioner Elaine Mays hopes some salary adjustments will be made.

"I think we can make some, but I don't think we can do [it] for everybody because, of course, once you do that for his department you have to do it for every department in county government," says Mays.

Mays says the new budget should be complete by the first week in December.