Jubilee Job-Link Making Impact in Community

Things haven't always been easy for Herma Taylor; she says when applying for certain jobs, she didn't feel prepared.

But that all changed when she called Jubilee Job-Link.

"When I went to Jubilee, and I went through the interview preparation, and the importance of being on time and how to approach the interviewer and all of that, I felt so prepared,” Taylor recalls.

Thursday night, others like Taylor were honored for completing the program and excelling in their permanent jobs.

For Richard George, the program was exactly what he needed to support his family. He says at one point he could barely read certain job applications.

"It has helped pay my bills; me and my wife still have everything going together, I didn't know what to do,” explains George.

"We do see a lot of cases where people don't understand the questions on the application, or their writing is kind of sloppy, and so we spend a lot of time helping people fill out the applications and we don't mind doing that. That's why we're here,” shares Jubilee Job-Link Program Director Kara Palmer.

As part of the Emergency Care Help Organization, or ECHO, Jubilee Job-Link has helped more than 560 individuals find permanent employment.

"It's been quite a different experience going back into the work force, not being in it for almost 10 years,” adds Jubilee Job-Link graduate Mark Zamiatowski.

Job-Link graduates say being a part of the workforce is one of the best feelings in the world.

Jubilee Job-Link has a 78 percent job placement rate. Any employer interested in partnering with the program can call 850-201-JOBS or 850-201-5627.