It was a good day for recycling as hundreds of people participated in Tallahassee's "E-Day" recycling event. The new date for the annual program turned out to be the perfect time to recycle old items.

The city, Leon County, state agencies and other organizations teamed up with a grant from Dell Computers to save old electronics from the landfill.

"We wanted to focus on getting end of life equipment. A lot of folks got new things for Christmas and we wanted to try and get a hold of the old equipment," said Gene Jones with Southern Waste Information Exchange.

Normally, E-Day is held on Earth Day in the spring, but as cars wrapped around the parking lot to drop off old hardware, it appeared after Christmas is a better time for recycling electronics.

"I came to drop off some of the electronics that we had in the house that had been kind of cluttering things over the last few weeks," shared Robin Westcott.

"It's four or five or maybe even a six-year-old computer that we've just replaced. I'm very happy to get rid of it," added Marion Aller.

Organizers say they can recycle or reuse all of the old electronics from the plastic parts to the copper in the wires, and of course it's better for the environment.

"All the electronics and TVs will be taken apart. The plastics can be recycled; the metal casings can be recycled. The printed circuit boards will be ground up and melted down for their copper value along with the cable wire, and some chips will be taken off," said Raoul Clark.

As folks unloaded their old electronics, they could also bring all other recyclable items. Organizers say they doubled the number of participants in this E-Day from last year, collecting almost 80 tons of electronic equipment.