Wastewater Expansion

It's going to cost more than $18 million to expand and improve Valdosta's water treatment facility, but city officials say it's important to this metropolitan community.

Larry Hanson, the Valdosta city manager, says, "Water certainly is a big business for us. Last year we delivered over three billion gallons of water to the citizens and industries in the city of Valdosta.”

The expansion will allow seven and a half million gallons of additional water to be treated and consumed by the folks in Valdosta, which will help prevent this situation from happening.

Leon Weeks, the city utility director, says, "If you start running out of water everyday when you have a peak demand, then the people are going to have to suffer and do without water at certain times of the day and those types of things."

The best news of all is that the consumer won't feel any effects from this expensive bill.

Hanson adds, "We do not expect this to require us to increase rates and pass that along to the customer. We're really pleased about that."