Senior Center Woes in Madison County

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A senior center in a rural area is looking to expand its services. Right now elderly clients and employees work in cramped quarters, but that may soon change.

A handful of seniors in Madison County are enjoying a fun-filled game of Bingo at the Senior Citizen Center, but in other parts of the facility employees play a different game finding adequate space to work.

"One of the main things we want to do is to incorporate an adult day care here."

The center is now looking to expand the facility, but funds are scarce.

Rosa Richardson, Executive Director of the Senior Citizen Center, says, "What’s going happen to us is that we won’t be able to provide for elderly here. The purpose of the new facility is that we're going to be able to provide new programs for elderly to incorporate an adult day care."

The current facility is small and will not be able to adequately provide new services. In fact, organizers have had to line the walls with freezers and other items in the small cafeteria to make room. Despite tight quarters, they say this center is a gem in the community.

Joe Peavy, a senior citizen council board member, says, "It's a definite need in the county and the people that we help through the Senior Center is unbelievable. They come down they enjoy being here. All of us know that we will need the help.”

The help will make a world of difference in the lives of these elderly residents.

Senior Center officials are hoping the public will help them with their building fund. On the 22nd of this month organizers will host a fundraising event. For more information you can call them at 973-4241.