Narcotic Probe in Thomas County

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The Narcotics Divisions of both the Thomas County Sheriff's Department and Thomasville Police Department have been shut down.

Drug investigation cars aren't going anywhere this week. All evidence, division offices and vehicles are locked down because an audit is underway.

Carlton Powel, Sheriff of Thomas County, says, "We had some concerns concerning the procedures that were going on in the drug squad. We determined the best way to clear the air about those and to see if we were doing things in a proper manner was to have an audit."

Powell says he contacted the Lowndes County Sheriff's Department to perform the audit, and Friday afternoon he began audit procedures by suspending all agents with pay and shutting down the Jail Justice Center office.

"It was done without notice. We feel like the appropriate way to do it is to come in and have it without anyone having prior notice so we can see just exactly how things are."

Drug agents were also required to complete a drug test. Powell says all tested negative. Employees at the Justice Center were tight lipped about this issue, and while the sheriff says he doesn't think anything illegal is going on, he can only be certain once the audit is complete, then he says adjustments will be made.

It has been at least seven years since the last audit on the Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics Unit. The sheriff says this audit should be complete in three to four days.