FSU Social Work Dean Resigns

In an e-mail to his colleagues, Bruce Thyer, the dean of the FSU School of Social Work, announced his resignation, leaving a post he's held more than two years.

Dr. Abele says, "Bruce Thyer has done a terrific job as dean. The DCF issue was one we wish had not occurred, but this has nothing to do with any audit or DCF activities."

Dr. Larry Abele, the school's provost, is referring to an ongoing investigation of a possible inappropriate relationship between the university and the Department of Children and Families.

Abele says most of the universities in Florida have contracts with DCF.

Larry adds, "I don't think there are any misspent funds. The issue originates with DCF and their handling of issues, and I feel pretty comfortable that our contracts and grants people and the dean have behaved professionally and appropriately."

Thyer declined an on camera interview, but Abele says Thyer will return to FSU as a professor and researcher. Thyer will serve as dean until the end of this semester.

Aaron McNeece, one-time interim dean of the School of Social Work, will be Thyer's replacement.