Vice President Visits Hospital

Vice President Dick Cheney went to a Washington hospital Saturday for tests after he reportedly experienced some shortness of breath. The vice president has a history of heart problems.

Vice President Dick Cheney left George Washington University hospital with an "A-ok" from his doctors. Aides say tests showed no heart abnormalities. Mr. Cheney checked himself in after experiencing shortness of breath.

A spokeswoman said the vice president had recently returned from a hunting trip with a cold, but otherwise felt fine. Still, as a precaution, his cardiologist recommended that he undergo tests.

Mr. Cheney, who is 63, has been plagued with heart problems. He has had four heart attacks, although none while vice president, and in June of 2001 he had a pacemaker implanted in his chest.

Concern about Cheney's health also popped up during the campaign. There had been speculation that he might not run again with President Bush, but the vice president dismissed those rumors and instead took on a hectic campaign schedule, often traveling with his wife, Lynne Cheney.

After his last heart attack, Vice President Cheney has tried to keep himself on a healthy regime by exercising daily, watching what he eats and taking medication to lower his cholesterol.