Down on the Farm

A big three-day shindig is getting down in Gadsden County and bringing folks from all over to enjoy the festivities.

Music and laughter made for a great time as thousands came out Saturday to a local farm in Gadsden County. It was just the first of many musical events to raise money for schools in this small community.

"This is a gathering of kind souls and folks that are real concerned about the planet and community and people are out here having a good time," said organizer Paul Levine.

A good time filled with music is exactly what prompted many folks like Saira Anderson to attend.

“We came here to see the music because it's an absolutely gorgeous day and this music is awesome and everybody here is beautiful and these are our friends too. A lot of these people we hang out with all the time,” added Anderson.

While many came out to enjoy the sounds of rock and roll, it was also a chance for local bands to showcase their musical talents to the entire community, music that will help raise money for the Gadsden County Board of Education.

This is the first time folks in Gadsden County have came out to Get Down on the Farm, but after Saturday, organizers hope to make it an annual event. Down on the Farm wraps up Sunday night. More than 100 people brought their tents so they can fall asleep to the musical sounds.