Feed the Community Festival

Two cans of food were all you needed to enjoy a day of food, grooves and fun. The seventh annual Feed the Community Festival at Lake Ella was another success this year.

Dozens of small businesses set up shop along the banks of Lake Ella Saturday, many of them sporting their favorite goodies and all of them wanting to draw attention to a growing problem in our area, hunger.

Wendy Halleck, the Feed the Community Organizer, said,”We've got lots of people, food, a number of canned goods brought to the table.”

For seven years Wendy and her team of independent businesses in Tallahassee have helped feed the hungry by throwing a bit of a party, one that includes food, eclectic grooves and a serene setting.

Trail and Ski Shop owner J.C Gayhartt said,”It's important to be a part of the fiber and structure of community. We need to support each other.”

They do this by raising donations. The only cost of admission is canned food, the perfect remedy for a hungry family during the holidays.

Denise Griewisch, Second Harvest Executive Director, added,”As you know people don't have food during the holidays, so this is very timely.”

It’s timely and rewarding; after all, it is the season of giving. Besides canned goods, folks also gave cash donations to Second Harvest and each business provided a booth fee to display their products.