Veterans Day Salute

In honor of Veterans Day, the Black Archives showcased a "Salute Our Soldiers" exhibit that features the role African Americans played in war. Veterans Day has come and gone, but one thing still remains in the capital city, the number of unsung heroes who have sacrificed their lives for our country, And for that remarkable courage folks gathered Sunday to say thank you.

"This event is a friends of the Black Archives, it's a community service program and we're here this Sunday to celebrate the veterans in our community," said Murrell Dawson, the event coordinator.

While many listened to old war stories and experiences, it was also a chance for some veterans to pay tribute to some heroes of their own, like LT COL Samuel Washington and Dr. James Maxie Ponder.

Many veterans say it's important to remember heroes from the past because they play a major part in our future.

”It's very important that we know about our history. I think that’s the thing that's so important is to make sure that your history is recorded and this is one way to record it,” said Veteran Herbert Parker.

The Black Archives is making sure that our history continues to live on and that everyone in the community shares the celebration.

Veteran Torres-Nunez added,”It gives them a feel of what the veteran's are doing overseas. It also gives them an idea of all the hardships that all service endures overseas while they're fighting for their country."

It’s a country these veteran's say they were happy to serve. More than 10 veterans shared their military experiences through photographs and memorabilia.