Tallahassee Parks Gain National Recognition

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There's a new reason to visit some of your favorite parks in the capital city. Tallahassee's Parks and Recreation Department has been designated best in America after being a finalist four times, and this is such a huge honor.

There are different responses as to what draws many of you to the park.

Barbara Hartley, a Tallahassee resident, says, "The trees, they're awesome. They make it so much enjoyable because Tallahassee is such a hot spot in the summer, so it makes it great."

Kristen Kirk, also a Tallahassee resident, adds, "I've always enjoyed the parks. I'm the mother of three and my oldest daughter is six, and it's something we've always done."

Tuesday, officials with the City of Tallahassee were proud to announce its first place award presented by the National Recreation and Park Association. This award was given primarily because of how many of you visit the parks.

John Marks, Tallahassee Mayor, says, "I want to commend not only the staff of the Recreation Department, but the citizens of this community for their support, and that is very important to us."

Randy Trousdell, Director of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation, says, "It recognizes the City of Tallahassee as best in the nation. In the population class of 150,000 to 250,000 people, just to be considered for that award is a huge recognition."

Tallahassee's Park and Recreation Program is honored for its staff planning, diversity of programs, attention to environmental issues and its response to the needs of the community.