MLK Education in Valdosta

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His dream still remains in the hearts and minds of many Americans, and thanks to one local power company, Dr. Martin Luther King's dream will live on in the lives of hundreds of elementary s students in Valdosta. Georgia Power employees are sharing King's message.

This is Frank Wilson's first time mentoring a child. He wanted to be a living example of Dr. Martin Luther King's service and vision for young Tavas.

Frank Wilson says, "Martin Luther King initiated that all over the place, so we try to help with this every year by doing something for the community because the community gives us so much."

These Georgia Power employees are sharing the life and dream of Dr. King with their young friends, an important leader and hero these kids have no problem remembering.

Lafayette Williams, a third grader, says, "I learned that he was nice and that he had to search for something and that he got shot in Memphis, TN."

And despite a tragic ending, these kids know his dream lives on today.

Dyral Ashley, 10 years old, says, "Because black and whites can go to the same school. They can have the same jobs and they can do the same things.

Assistant Principal Rollie Seiple adds, "The dream is still alive, and for these children over here, this is a big celebration every year."

It’s a celebration for a man who continues to impact the lives of these children in a powerful way.

Volunteers also donated more than 1,800 bookmarks and $100 to the school to purchase additional books about Dr. King.