Alternative Rehabilitation Methods

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If you're suffering from chronic pain or rehabilitating from an injury, you may want to consider Archbold's Integrative Medical Center. Their techniques could help you become free from pain.

Anne Faulkner broke her knee cap, had surgery and did six months of physical therapy, but she still had pain and needed a cane to walk until she found yoga at Archbold's Integrative Medicine Center.

Anne says, "I started taking the yoga and I've been taking it for about three years and I never miss it. It makes me feel better all over. It's one of the best exercises I've ever taken."

And it’s one reason she's no longer needs a cane.

Dr. Robin Perkins, clinical psychologist and certified yoga instructor, says, "It teaches them how to relax into the movement which releases the anxiety and actually makes the movement a lot easier for them. They get both effects at the same time. They get the benefit of movement and they get to let go of the anxiety attached to the movement."

Traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture can also be found in Archbold's
Integrative Medical Center.

Dr. John Mansberger, Medical Director, says, "We're not using these things lots of times exclusively, or one versus the other, but if you use it as an adjunct it works much better lots of times."

Mansberger says acupuncture, change in diet, exercise, relaxation and mind and body techniques combined will reduce pain. The medical staff is dedicated to developing a custom plan for each patient to ensure success.

To find out more about Archbold's traditional Chinese healing method class and other mind and body healing class offerings, call 229-228-7008.