Spreading "Wings"

Thomasville's Regional Airport terminal withstood the test of time dating back to 1961, but now it's only a memory. The building was demolished to make way for a new terminal.

For Mike Woodham, the airport manager, a part of him is torn apart.

Mike says, "A lot of us grew up at this airport. I learned to fly here years ago. We have a lot of memories, but there's also excitement for the new building."

Woodham says the airport is entering a new era and providing a facility to accommodate a boost in business, and progress is steady.

Woodham says, "After the rubble from the old building is removed, which should be done tomorrow, they'll come in and bring in dirt to start site work."

The construction forced the terminal to temporarily relocate across the street, causing one problem for business.

Woodham says, "It's not located adjacent to the ramp area where the airplanes park and passengers get off, but it's something we had to do."

Though it's a bittersweet moment for Woodham, he says it'll all be worth it.

Once the dust settles from construction, the new 5,000-square-foot facility will open the door to many more memories to come.