Taylor County Hunting Grounds in Jeopardy

For years, thousands of Taylor County families have belonged to local hunting clubs. Now, questions of their future are haunting these hunters.

Mack Mangum, board officer for Camp Measure Hunting Club, says, "Same old questions: 'have they closed, yet?' Answer is: 'don't know, haven't heard anything.' That's the ongoing question and nobody seems to know."

The questions stem from talks about the company most of the hunting clubs lease their land from called Foley Timber and Land Company. It’s selling its 543 acres in Taylor and surrounding counties.

The man who can answer these questions won't.

Hunters aren't saying much publicly either, but off camera, many expressed that hunting is a huge part of their lives and not knowing if they will be able to hunt on the same land next year is a touchy subject.

John Morris, VP of Foley Timberland Company, says, "I certainly can't speak for a new owner, but the best use for much of our land is timber growing and recreation, including hunting. I would deem it very logical that those activities would be encouraged and continued by new owners."

No confirmed word on if and when a change will take place, but as one hunter put it, we'll have to wait and see.

Hunters say they're also concerned about being able to afford to hunt if the ownership of the land changes. The vice president of Foley Timberland says the company intends to communicate with the hunting clubs soon.