Barricade Situation in Tallahassee

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A man had barricaded himself in his home, and residents in the Breckenridge subdivision came home Tuesday evening to find Tallahassee police lining their neighborhood, many of them not even able to return to their homes.

Gale, who was evacuated from her home, says, "They had the road barricaded and just told us we couldn't go in, but they wouldn't tell us anything else, they just made us back up and leave."

The police blockade was a result of a standoff that started as a domestic dispute. The TPD TAC evacuated about 60 homes along Whetherbine Way West after a man barricaded himself inside his home.

Kerri and Daisy Howell say, "When she saw that many of them, it kind of freaked her out. She doesn't know why we're sitting here and waiting."

Two and half hours later, just after 8:30, the standoff was over.

OFC John Newland, spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department, says, "The gentleman came to the front door, we got him without incident and that's the way we like to handle these kinds of calls."

Resident Jen Smith adds, "I'm glad everything turned out well and nobody was hurt and just glad to be getting back into the house."

Tallahassee police say the TAC Team call out and the evacuation of the homes is standard procedure for these types of calls when a person does not cooperate. They're thankful nobody was injured in the evening's standoff, and for the cooperation of the residents.

Police say the man involved did not make any threats with a weapon; he was unarmed. His name has not been released.