The Old Days of House Calls Are New Again

Five-year-old Grace Hamilton has suffered from severe headaches for about two years. A local neurologist diagnosed Grace with chiara malformation, which means her cerebellum is blocking spinal fluid.

They feared surgery was the answer, so when Atlanta pediatric neurosurgeon William Boydston decided to see patients in Thomasville, the Hamilton’s made an appointment.

Cindy Hamilton says, "You know it would be nice not to have to go to Atlanta, but they've all been very nice here and we're glad that he came down to Thomasville. It worked out really well."

Dr. William R. Boydston, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, says, "Now since we have more patients in the Thomasville area and southwest Georgia, it made more sense for us to come down here than for them to come up."

Families like the Hamilton’s were happy for the local visit. Grace had a good checkup. She'll have more than one test, but the doctor said it looks like she won't need surgery; medicine should do the job.