McGraw Concert Finances FSU Career Center

It's the talk of the town, the Tim McGraw concert this Thursday at the Civic Center, but what has some fans even more excited is how this event will help Florida State University put a new career center on the campus map.

Tim McGraw coming to Tallahassee for a concert/fundraiser has been two years in the making. It all started when FSU asked Susie Busch Transou for help in raising money for a new career center.

Susie Transou, owner of Tri-Eagle Sale, says, “So we put our thinking caps on and thought how can we support a significant fundraising drive and came up with this idea, because Bud Light has been a sponsor of the Tim McGraw tour for almost 10 years.”

Depending on ticket sales, FSU is expecting the draw of McGraw to add up to at least $700,000.

Dr. Jeff Garis, director of the FSU Career Center, says, “A concert of this public nature will provide focus and attention to the career center. In your words, it will kick start the fundraising campaign.”

Although FSU's career center is widely regarded as one of the best nationally and internationally, space and location are problems.

Jill Humsden, FSU project coordinator, says, “Most people say ‘you're clear across campus.’ They don't view this area as being centrally located.”

In around two years, staff hopes to move from the University Center location to the new Woodward courtyard, thanks in part to Tim McGraw.

Tickets are still on sale at the Civic Center ticket office. Part of the McGraw concert proceeds will also go toward the establishment of an athletic scholarship at FSU. That will be named after Tim McGraw's father who passed away this year of brain cancer.