Boy Accused of Assault Could File Suit

Seven-year-old Johnnie Lee Morris III is clinging to his mother instead of playing at school with his classmates. Morris is being accused of assaulting three faculty members, a teacher and a student at his elementary school in August.

He was arrested by a Jefferson County deputy and charged with four counts of felony battery and one count of misdemeanor battery. For that, he was cuffed and taken to jail.

Chuck Hobbs, Johnnie’s attorney, says, "Chastise, not place a child in a holding cell where adults commit heinous crimes, but have him back there for seven hours, that is sickening, that makes no sense.”

Morris' attorney is also trying to make sense of why neither the state attorney nor the School Board has yet to resolve this case.

Erica White, Johnnie’s other attorney, adds, "At this time the state attorney's office has not notified me whether or not they're going to drop the charges on this case. At this time we are preparing for a trial tentatively set for November 23rd at 3 p.m. in Jefferson County."

White says Morris is a special needs child and has missed 75 school days since his suspension. His mother has since quit her job to tutor him.

Mother Erma Morris says, "I'm just ready for Johnnie to go to school. He said he can't understand why he can't go to school and it's a tough situation trying to teach him at home."